Early, Extra, Emergency: Isiah’s Story

If you have a child with special health care needs, start thinking about your emergency plans. It’s never too early to create a plan for your family, which might include medical equipment and other special items that your child would need. If possible, pack extra medicine in an emergency kit, in case you have to care for your child away from home or cannot access a pharmacy for a few days.

 Photo of a boy hiding in a corner of a room.

When a tornado struck the northeast United States in 2012, Nancy was with her son Isiah, who has Down syndrome and a seizure disorder. As a result of trees that had fallen, Nancy could not enter her home. Until the U.S. National Guard and local community members were able to help remove the trees, Nancy had to care for Isiah without having access to needed medical supplies within their home.

Nancy knew to have extra medications with her, in the event of an emergency. “I carried a one-day supply of seizure medication in my vehicle, but now I try to carry a one-week supply in case of an emergency,” she says. Families in similar situations could benefit from having an extra supply of medications and other items to maintain their child’s medical needs during a storm.

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