Training Modules using ArcGIS Pro

  • GIS Training I: Organizing Principals: An Introduction to GIS
    This training section provides an introduction to some of the basic themes and concepts of GIS and hands-on use of ArcGIS Pro software. These training modules are designed for public health professionals with little or no experience using ArcGIS.
  • GIS Training II: Data Management: Creation, Edition, and Maintenance of Spatial Data
    This training section builds on the training modules offered in GIS Training I, and offers guidance and practice for the customization/creation of data to suit specialized GIS needs. These training modules assume some experience using ArcGIS Pro.
  • GIS Training III: Special Topics
    This training section builds on the modules offered in GIS Training I and II, and introduces several advanced pieces of GIS functionality with health applications. This includes how to map proximity, creating web applications and maps, and using the Rate Stabilizing Tool. These training modules assume some experience using ArcGIS Pro.
About the Authors

This GIS training curriculum was developed by the Children’s Environmental Health Initiative in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention.

Children's Environmental Health Initiative (CEHI)

The Children’s Environmental Health Initiative (CEHI) is a research, education, and outreach program committed to fostering environments where all people can prosper. CEHI has developed, maintains, and extends an extensive fully spatially referenced data architecture on children’s environmental health. This makes it possible to jointly consider diverse variables collected by different disciplines, creating the opportunity to explore the complex and dynamic relationships among the components of health.