Moving into Action: Promoting Heart–Healthy and Stroke–Free Communities

What Is Moving into Action?

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Moving into Action is a series of action items designed to help governors, state legislators, local officials, employers, and health care leaders promote heart–healthy and stroke–free communities. Each item suggests ways to encourage general interest and awareness of these health issues to specific policies that promote healthy behaviors and reduce risks associated with heart disease and stroke. Included are examples gathered from states and communities that are working to reduce these risks and a summary of the science underlying heart disease and stroke prevention.

Suggested actions are based on current national guidelines, scientific evidence, and existing efforts from states throughout the country. For example, some actions are supported by years of research from leading public health, public policy, and medical organizations, while others stem from efforts by communities and organizations to address unhealthy behaviors related to heart disease and stroke.

Moving into Action can help policy makers, employers, and health care leaders assess what actions are most appropriate for their communities and can lend support to the efforts of individuals to prevent, manage, and control their risks for heart disease and stroke.

Share Your Experiences

In suggesting these actions, we also invite you to share your ideas and experiences. Please email your questions, suggestions, and experiences on how you are Moving into Action in your community.

Suggested Citation

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moving into Action: Promoting Heart–Healthy and Stroke–Free Communities (State Legislators). Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; 2005.

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Note: Each section below includes the introduction, messages from CDC, AHA/ASA, and ASTHO, as well as the What Science Tells Us, References, and Acknowledgments.

Note: This document contains information regarding statins. For more information, see the FDA’s advice on statin risks at Controlling Cholesterol with Statins.