Policy Resources for Community Health Workers (CHWs)

Policy Resources

A community health worker (CHW) is a frontline public health worker who improves the quality and cultural competence of service delivery. CHWs help connect people in their neighborhoods to the health care system. These individuals hold much promise for addressing chronic disease, especially in minority and underserved populations.

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Policy Evidence Assessment Reports (PEARs)

The Community Health Worker Policy Evidence Assessment Report assesses the evidence for 14 types of interventions addressed in state CHW laws to inform policy decision makers, researchers, and community and health organizations.

The Policy Evidence Assessment Report What Evidence Supports State Laws to Establish Community Health Worker Scope of Practice and Certification? provides an update to the previous CHW PEAR and assesses evidence for two types of CHW policy interventions addressed in existing state laws to inform state decision makers and public health organizations.

State Law Analyses and Resources

State Law Fact Sheets describe the scientific evidence in support of legal interventions and describe the extent to which states have enacted such laws. Related policy analyses provide additional context and information.

Shareable Resources

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