Prevention Works: CDC Strategies for a Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free America

Prevention Works cover.

Prevention Works: CDC Strategies for a Heart–Healthy and Stroke Free America” provides a snapshot of heart diseases and stroke prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It also provides information on the health and economic costs of chronic diseases to our nation and outlines CDC’s prevention strategies.

CDC’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program, with annual appropriations of approximately $45 million, is CDC’s focal point for heart disease and stroke prevention. This booklet describes the central strategies of that program which include a focus on controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol, recognizing signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, improving emergency response, improving quality of care, and eliminating health disparities between population groups. Heart disease and stroke outcomes are also related to healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco use, as well as diabetes and obesity. Therefore, the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program collaborates across CDC to coordinate units and programs that specifically address these issues, to improve overall cardiovascular health in the United States.