OD2A Data to Action Framework: Reducing Overdoses and Health Disparities Infographic

Infographic Description

This diagram is titled “OD2A Data to Action Framework: Reducing Overdoses and Health Disparities.”

There is a purple rectangle with four smaller rectangles inside. At the center, there are bidirectional arrows connecting four words: Analyze, Prioritize, Evaluate, and Implement. Inside those arrows, there is text that says “Engage Partners & People with Lived Experience.”

The top left rectangle has text saying “SYNTHESIZE AND ANALYZE data to inform action” and a bulleted list with this text:

  • Focus analyses on the most critical questions with clear timelines
  • Analyze the location, trends, and characteristics of nonfatal and fatal overdoses
  • Integrate lessons learned from current or previous intervention efforts
  • Analyze alignment between community capacity including treatment and harm reduction resources and burden
  • Interpret data with engaged partners, addressing their needs and data gaps
  • Synthesize findings to identify key priorities for programmatic efforts

The top right rectangle has text saying “PRIORITIZE Feasible, Evidence-Informed, and Impactful Interventions” and a bulleted list with this text:

  • Interpret data with engaged partners
  • Inform efforts with scientific evidence
  • Select priority activities (via strategic planning, overdose fatality reviews, work group recommendations, etc.) and ensure they are feasible and have partner buy-in
  • Implement changes in a timely manner

The bottom left rectangle has text saying “EVALUATE Strategies and Impact and Make Changes as Needed” and has a bulleted list with this text:

  • Assess program impact on drug overdose outcomes and health disparities
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for program improvement
  • Disseminate and discuss findings with partners
  • Reduce negative unintended consequences
  • Include feedback and experience of people receiving services
  • Celebrate incremental progress

The bottom right rectangle has text saying “IMPLEMENT Evidence-Informed and Responsive Programs” and a bulleted list with this text:

  • Ensure implementation has high fidelity, but is also responsive to the unique needs of people served and the community context
  • Reach populations of focus to reduce overdoses and tailor programs to meet the needs of local populations of focus and community context
  • Commit to continual improvement driven by community feedback, staff insights, and process evaluations
  • Identify and respond to emerging challenges
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