Diabetes Algorithm (My Family Health Portrait Web-Based Tool)

At a glance

This page provides the algorithm for diabetes for the My Family Health Portrait (MFHP) web-based tool. This algorithm includes additional risk factors for diabetes such as age, sex, and body mass index.

computer monitors with code and a drop of blood with the diabetes awareness ribbon

Questions to assess risk factors and points for each answer

How old are you?

  • Younger than 40 years (0 points)
  • 40 to 49 years (1 point)
  • 50 to 59 years (2 points)
  • 60 years or older (3 points)

Are you a man or a woman?

  • Man (1 point)
  • Woman (0 points)

Have you ever had gestational diabetes?

  • Yes (1 point)
  • No (0 points)

Do you have a mother, father, sister, or brother with diabetes (diabetes, maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY), type 2 diabetes, or unknown diabetes)?

  • Yes (1 point)
  • No (0 points)

Do you have high blood pressure (hypertension)?

  • Yes (1 point)
  • No (0 points)

Are you physically active (defined as 150 minutes or more of moderate exercise per week)?

  • Yes (0 points)
  • No (1 point)

What is your body mass index?

  • Normal (24.9 or less) (0 points)
  • Overweight (25 to 29.9) (1 point)
  • Obese (30 to 34.9) (2 points)
  • Morbidly obese (35 or more) (2 points)


  • 0 to 4 points: Diabetes risk not increased
  • 5 or more points: Diabetes risk increased

Algorithm basis

This algorithm is based on a version of the Diabetes Risk Test as developed by the American Diabetes Association. Additional information about the test can be found in: Diabetes Risk Calculator: A Simple Tool for Detecting Undiagnosed Diabetes and Pre-diabetes. Diabetes Care. 2008 May;31(5):1040-5. Heikes KE, et al.