PanVax Tool for Pandemic Vaccination Planning

What is the PanVax tool?

The PanVax tool is a Microsoft Excel-based instrument that guides jurisdictional planning and outreach efforts during preparedness activities. The tool helps local planners understand how their vaccine providers (i.e., pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, employers, schools, points of dispensing) might contribute to the community’s vaccination response during a severe pandemic.

The PanVax tool helps jurisdictions assess the national preparedness goal to vaccinate at least 80% of their population with needed doses of pandemic vaccine within 12 weeks of pandemic vaccine availability.

The PanVax tool was developed by the Immunization Services Division (ISD) and the Health Economics and Modeling Unit.

Who is the tool designed for?

Federal, state, and local level public health preparedness officials involved in pandemic vaccine provider outreach.

How does the PanVax tool work?

With input, the tool provides response estimates of how long it would take to vaccinate a jurisdiction’s population based on:

  • Population size
  • Ages of population
  • Number and types of vaccine providers
  • Number of vaccinations each provider gives in a week
  • Volume of allocated vaccines per provider

The tool also estimates the efficiency of a vaccination campaign, assessing the share of each provider capacity that was utilized.

The tool does not optimize provider allocation strategies for the user, or tell the user how to allocate vaccine. However, by working through the tool, the user will find the best way to allocate vaccine to participating providers in their respective jurisdiction.

System Requirements

The Pandemic Vaccination Planning tool uses the Excel Microsoft Office 2000 or higher.