Additional Information Regarding Influenza Virus Prevention and Control Among Specific Populations

Guidance on the Use of Influenza Antiviral Agents

The information on this page should be considered current for the 2022-2023 influenza season for clinical practice regarding the use of influenza antiviral medications. Also see the current summary of recommendations available at Influenza Antiviral Medications: Summary for Clinicians and a list of related references at Antiviral References.

Each year, ACIP provides general information regarding the prevention and control of influenza. Below is additional guidance on antiviral treatment of influenza and other reports related to controlling and preventing influenza among specific populations (e.g., immunocompromised persons, health care personnel, hospital patients, pregnant women, children, and travelers) are available:

Review the references cited in the Guidance on the Use of Influenza Antiviral Agents.