CDC and Healtheo360 Take on Facebook for #FightFluForum

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On February 23-25, 2016, CDC and Healtheo360 worked together to host a forum on Healtheo360’s Facebook page. The three-day #FightFluForum focused on providing people with chronic health conditions with information and steps for protecting themselves against the flu. A CDC subject matter expert supported Healtheo360 by providing answers to questions they received throughout the forum.

Overall, the #FightFluForum received 71 participants, which resulted in 12 comments and one question from American Diabetes Association about how flu impacts people living with diabetes. Other highlights from the #FightFluForum included:

  • The #FightFluForum garnered 62,656 total impressions.
  • The forum received 338 engagements across all posts, including 251 likes, 13 comments and 74 shares.
  • Over six partners helped to promote the forum, including the NFL Retired Players Association, Family Circle, Kristina Duda – Cold & Flu, Shot of prevention/Every Child By Two, National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, Congenital Muscle Disease International Registry, and American Diabetes Association.

Check out the other ways Healtheo360 partnered with CDC throughout the 2015 -2016 flu season to raise awareness about the importance of flu vaccination for people living with chronic conditions:

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