April 23, 2021: How vaccines bring us closer

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April 23, 2021

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Ebola Outbreak Updates

In Guinea, new cases of Ebola virus disease were reported in early April. CDC continues to support Guinea’s response to contain the spread of the virus and bring the outbreak to an end. An Ebola outbreak can be declared over when 42 days with no new cases pass after the last survivor tests negative and is discharged from an Ebola treatment unit. Learn more

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the last case of Ebola was confirmed on March 1, 2021. The 42-day countdown to the end of the outbreak began on March 22, following the last patient testing negative and being released from the treatment unit. Learn more

CDC has Ebola Communication and Awareness Resources for healthcare workers and communities.

COVID-19 Outbreak Updates

CDC works with partners around the world to respond to the pandemic. As part of these efforts, CDC is working to expand the capacity to detect and respond to newly identified variants of the virus that causes COVID-19. Find updated CDC resources for the global health community.

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