Staying Ahead of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

In January, investigators from Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) visited CDC Kenya to train staff and implementing partners on how to detect and report suspected fraud, waste and abuse of U.S. Government funds. The HHS OIG is the largest inspector general’s office in the Federal Government, with approximately 1,600 staff. Kenya was the second stop for the team of 4 from the OIG’s Office of Investigations who are visiting multiple country offices to educate and inform staff and implementing partners of what constitutes fraud, waste and abuse and how to safeguard the integrity of U.S. Government programs. Assistant Inspector General, Les Hollie, and the team visited the CDC offices in Nairobi and Kisumu, the U.S. Embassy and paid courtesy visits to other U.S. Government programs in Kenya. The training sessions were well received as noted by one evaluation, “the OIG investigators provided clear guidance and concrete examples of how each and every employee and partner organization has an obligation to cut down fraud and waste.”