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Initial Closed-Circuit Escape Respirator Compliance Guidance

This NIOSH guidance document addresses the availability of closed-circuit escape respirators (CCERs) for purchase and the readiness of respirator manufacturers to comply with the provisions in Part 84, Subpart O, of Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Pursuant to a Federal Register notice published on February 10, 2016, beginning on January 4, 2017, manufacturers are no longer authorized to manufacture, label, and sell 1-hour escape respirators, known in the mining community as self-contained self-rescuers (SCSRs), approved in accordance with the certification testing standards in Part 84, Subpart H (81 FR 7121). However, NIOSH does not intend to revoke any certificate of approval for 1-hour escape respirators, approved in accordance with 42 CFR Part 84, Subpart H, that are manufactured, labeled, or sold prior to January 4, 2018, provided that there is no cause for revocation under existing NIOSH regulation.

For more information, please view the CCER guidance document: Closed-Circuit Escape Respirators; 42 CFR Part 84, Subpart O Compliance; Guidance for Industry [PDF – 83K].

Interested parties should refer to NIOSH Docket 285 or CDC-2016-0121, which can be found by visiting