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Attachment A: Sample NPPTL and CBRN Respirator Research and Development Test Letter Application

Letter to All Interested Parties

Issue Date: January XX, 2003

Subject: Letter of Application Request for CBRN Respirator Research and Development (R&D) Tests

Applicant Name & Address:

CBRN Test Respirator Description:

A. Model XYZ Respirator consisting of the listed major components is submitted for CBRN Respirator Research and Development Tests:

XXXXX Facepiece
YYYYY First Stage Regulator
ZZZZZZ Second Stage Regulator
LLLLLL Harness Assembly
KKKKK Valve Assembly

B. 4- Elastomer Samples for Swatch Testing

PPPPPP Type of Surface against GB
RRRRR Type of Surface against HD

C. Total Number of Respirators and Material Samples Provided for R&D Testing:

(Note 1: Each live agent SMARTMAN test requires one complete respirator.)
(Note 2: Respirators and materials exposed to chemical agents will not be returned. SBCCOM will retain chain of custody for tested items and process equipment for destruction as hazardous waste.)

CBRN Test Plan:

A. Perform 2 SMARTMAN GB Tests at $4500 per test = $ 9,000
B. Perform 2 SMARTMAN HD Tests at $4500 per test = $ 9,000
C. Perform 2 Fruit Fly Swatch Tests at $50 per test = $ 100
D. Perform 2 Indicator Paper Swatch Tests at $50 per test = $ 100

Example Total = $18,200.00 plus shipping costs.

Test Materials:

Test respirators and material swatches have been shipped to:

Commander, SBCCOM
Bldg. E5100
ATTN: Ray Lins/Lee Campbell
US Army
Soldier and Biological Chemical Command
Edgewood Area
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5423
(410) 436 – 2772

Fees: A check for XXXX for the requested tests is enclosed.

Test Results Shipping Address: Manufacturer provides a ship to address with a name contact for NIOSH / SBCCOM R&D test data to be shipped to at the end of the testing. Test results do not qualify as NIOSH CBRN certification approval credit. Favorable results do not indicate an endorsement by either SBCCOM nor NIOSH.

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