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NIOSH Releases 5th Edition of Manual of Analytical Methods

May 02, 2016
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Contact: Katie Shahan (304) 285-5805

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has released the 5th edition of the NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM). This latest edition of NMAM is the first electronic-only edition. The new electronic only format will still allow users to print copies of the methods as PDFs, but also allows for updates as new methods and guidance chapters are added.

NMAM is a compilation of sampling and analytical methods for air, biological, surface and bulk samples that are evaluated according to established experimental protocols and performance criteria for use in workplace exposure monitoring. Workers may be at risk for inhalation or dermal exposures to chemicals or biological agents while on the job. These methods describe how to collect samples and analyze them against known standards. The results can indicate whether action is needed to reduce exposure. At the launch, the 5th edition will include 57 methods and 10 new or updated guidance chapters (covering topics such as sampling workplace aerosols, monitoring diesel exhaust, and measurement of fibers). This edition also adds six new biomonitoring methods.

“We are continually keeping track of new developments in industrial hygiene and biomonitoring methods, as well as consensus standards,” said NIOSH Director John Howard. “The NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods remains an invaluable global resource for occupational safety and health professionals and NIOSH is pleased to provide the newest edition to them.”

NMAM is updated as new methods are developed and validated and as revised methods are evaluated and their performance verified. Efforts have focused on harmonization of NIOSH methods with available consensus standard methods. The methods published in NMAM are relied upon by authoritative bodies such as accrediting organizations and regulatory agencies.

In 2015 NMAM was viewed half a million times and the individual methods were downloaded an average of 622 times each. To view the entire manual, visit:

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