Global Projects

The global projects in collaboration with international partners aim to reduce the global burden of diabetes. DDT contributes technical skills and resources to international or national organizations and public health agencies in other countries to support research and programs related to diabetes prevention and control in these countries.

Society and statistics.
Current Research Projects
  • Estimating Global Health Care Expenditure Associated with Diabetes
    This project estimates health care expenditures associated with diabetes by country, by region, and for the world. Quantifying the diabetes burden for individual countries, different regions of the world, and the world as a whole can help researchers and public officials monitor changes over time and assess the effect of their efforts to prevent and manage diabetes at national, regional, and international levels.
  • Collaborative Research in Diabetes Epidemiology and Economics
    This project, in collaboration with national organizations or public research institutes in other countries, is designed to provide technical skills and resources to support diabetes epidemiology and economics research that is mutually beneficial to DDT and to DDT’s partners, especially in developing countries.
Recent Publications