Requirements and Responsibilities

Host sites should review the requirements along with biography of each learner in the incoming class to consider whether one or more of them would be a good fit for your program before applying. Please email if you wish to apply to be a host site.

Supervisor Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Supervisor Requirements
    • Have both a primary and secondary supervisor with experience in public health program management to mentor each resident or fellow that meet the following requirements:
      • Have two or more years of applied public health experience beyond graduate school or the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) program
      • Have one or more years of experience supervising staff or managing public health programs at the host site
      • Be full-time employees at the host site
      • At least one must be at the same physical location as the PMR/F resident’s or fellow’s assignment location (same office building, floor, and division)
    • Provide a safe and open work environment for residents and fellows
    • Have staff who are willing work with the PMR/F learner and who have expertise in policy development, program evaluation, and statistics
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
    • Provide direct oversight of the resident’s or fellow’s day-to-day activities with responsibility appropriate to the resident’s or fellow’s level of training
    • Provide access to appropriate projects that fulfill the PMR/F performance requirements
    • Provide both formal and informal mentorship opportunities to the resident or fellow throughout the training
    • Ensure on-time completion of all administrative and evaluation functions
    • Have regularly-scheduled meetings with the resident or fellow to review projects and provide consultation
Funding Requirements
  • All host sites must provide travel and registration expenses for residents or fellows to attend the annual Health Policy Orientation Course in Washington, D.C., and the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) Annual Meeting
  • Host sites must pay for expenses and travel arrangements for the residents or fellows to attend any courses that are not sponsored by PMR/F at rates equivalent to the Government Services Administration limits for hotel, airfare, meals and expenses
    • Note: International travel may not be possible for all residents or fellows due to policies that do not allow term-limited trainees to obtain official government passports. PMR/F residents or fellows are considered term-limited trainees
  • PMR/F has experience with funding residents or fellows directly and partnering with host sites to jointly fund positions. Please contact the program at to discuss options
Host Site Requirements
  • Be a federal, state, or local public health or healthcare agency
  • Be based in the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, but not other U.S. territories)
  • Provide a computer and associated equipment to enable the resident or fellow to access secure files at the host site
    • If the resident or fellow is using a CDC-issued laptop that is compatible with the host site system, host site must provide compatible equipment for a desktop workstation (e.g. a monitor, keyboard, and mouse)
  • Provide administrative support, including a site orientation, badging/security, ergonomic workstation, restrooms, parking, and options for alternative commuting (e.g., showers and lockers for bicycle commuters)
Clinical Practice Access (Residents only)

Preventive medicine residents are required to complete 40 days of patient care in a clinical setting each academic year (approximately one eight-hour day per week). Clinical settings that are hosting residents must have an appropriately-credentialed physician willing to supervise the resident during clinic hours.

The PMR/F program has established relationships with clinical sites in Atlanta, GA, and Washington, D.C., which enable residents to meet this requirement.

Host sites outside of these locations must indicate in their position description how they will provide access to a clinic within a reasonable distance from the worksite that will support residents in accord with Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accreditation policies.
Host sites outside of the Atlanta or D.C. Metro areas unable to provide access to a clinic site will only be eligible to host Fellows.

Clinical sites without an established relationship with PMR/F are required to:

  • Establish a Memorandum of Understanding with the PMR/F program
  • Provide appropriate oversight by an attending physician as per Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Accreditation policies
  • Have policies and procedures in place that support an appropriate learning environment
  • Provide orientation and training procedures
  • Provide credentialing and administrative support for the resident

Clinical sites interested in establishing a relationship with the PMR/F program can send an email to for additional information about the requirements listed above.

Clinical site supervisors are responsible for:

  • Assuming ultimate responsibility for each patient’s care
  • Overseeing the day-to-day clinical care responsibilities of the resident
  • Providing adequate clinical learning opportunities for the resident throughout the resident’s training experience
  • Reviewing the resident’s clinical care approach, notes, and plans for each patient at a level appropriate to the resident’s training
    • Ensuring on-time completion of all administrative and evaluation functions for the clinical care component of the residency
How to Apply

All eligible agencies interested in hosting a PMR/F resident or fellow will need to apply through an online application. All applications must be received by the deadline indicated in the Key Dates drop down below to be considered. Host sites should review the biography of each learner in the new class to consider whether one or more of them would be a good fit for your site before applying.

Host sites should submit the following information through the online application:

  • Your program name and location
  • The primary and secondary supervisors’ names, degrees, titles and experience with mentoring residents or fellows
  • A brief (3-5 line) description of potential projects for each of the five PMR/F Project Areas. Please note which project area is being addressed for each project

Submit a position description through our online portal.

Key Dates
Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship (PMR/F) Class of 2017 Deadlines and Decision Dates


Mid-October to Early – January PMR/F resident or fellow biographies are posted on the PMR/F web site
Host site applications open. Applications are sent to candidates as they are approved
January Host site applications close
All applications and supporting materials must be received by the deadline
Late applications will not be considered
November – January Candidates set up interviews with host sites
February Candidates and host sites submit rank lists to the PMR/F program by deadline established by program
February PMR/F notifies host sites, residents, and fellows of match results
Mid-May Incoming class of fellows and residents participate in a one-week Train-the-Trainer course (paid for through PMR/F program)
June – August Residents and fellows relocate if necessary, attend PMR/F orientation in Atlanta, GA, and start at host site (approximately the first week of July 1) See the PMR/F Curriculum timeline for more information.