Resources for Hosting a Vaccination Clinic

Guidance from CDC for planning and implementation of satellite, temporary, or off-site vaccination clinics by public and private vaccination organizations. These resources include additional considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to standardize the process of holding clinics in non-traditional settings, the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit developed tools your organization can use when organizing satellite, temporary, or off-site vaccination clinics.  You can access these resources at under Tools to Assist Satellite, Temporary, and Off-Site Vaccination Clinics or use the direct links to the vaccination clinic resources below:

Best Practices Checklist

This checklist is a step-by-step guide to help clinic coordinators/supervisors overseeing vaccination clinics held at satellite, temporary, or off-site locations follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and best practices for vaccine shipment, transport, storage, handling, preparation, administration, and documentation. This checklist outlines CDC guidelines and best practices that are essential for patient safety and vaccine effectiveness.

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Vaccination Clinics Organization Pledge

This annual pledge is for organizations that conduct satellite, temporary, or off-site vaccination clinics to affirm that they will adhere to best practices, including using the Checklist of Best Practices for Vaccination Clinics Held at Satellite, Temporary, or Off-Site Locations. Organizations that sign the pledge will be recognized on the Summit website for their commitment to provide safe and effective vaccine clinics. Companies seeking to hire an organization to conduct a vaccination clinic can check to see if that organization has signed the pledge and is recognized on the Summit website.

Want to take the pledge? Send an email to, and a representative will be in touch with you.

Ten Principles for Holding a Safe Vaccination Clinic

This resource, which supplements the checklist, serves as  a quick reference guide highlighting the main points of the checklist that can be used by all staff (not just the clinic coordinators/supervisors who are completing the checklist). This document can be posted on the wall of the clinic or given out to all the staff who are vaccinating at the clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Practices for Vaccination Clinics

This list of Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to some of the most common questions about the purpose of the checklist and pledge, the intended users of the checklist, how to use the checklist, and technical questions.