Summary of Flu Progress since 2009

Gathering information year-round about influenza disease and viruses through the use of global and domestic disease and virologic surveillance systems are critical for the early identification of novel influenza A viruses that have pandemic potential. The following resources provide additional information on global monitoring for pandemic and avian flu.

Monitoring Potential Pandemic Flu

  • The CDC Influenza Division International Program works with a wide range of international partners, including the World Health Organization, National Ministries of Health and others to build capacity to respond to pandemic influenza and to prevent and control seasonal influenza. Read more about the CDC Influenza International Program activities to help establish, expand, and maintain influenza surveillance and laboratory capacity, develop global and local pandemic plans and influenza prevention policies, support targeted research projects to address critical needs, and build the evidence base for decisions on influenza vaccine program expansion.
  • Find CDC Evaluation and Capacity Review Tools for flu surveillance, laboratory testing, and inventory tools.
  • Find the latest influenza updates and read summaries of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global flu surveillance.

World Health Organization’s Monitoring Reports

Read WHO information on the spread of influenza between human and animal and get the latest updates including:

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