Apply to be a PH-TIPP Learner

The Population Health Training in Place Program (PH-TIPP) is paused and not accepting applications at this time. Please continue to visit this page for updates. Physicians seeking certification in the specialty of Public Health and General Preventive Medicine should apply to the Mid-career 12-month Residency.

PH-TIPP participants are full-time employees of federal, state, or local health departments; hospitals; accountable care or health management organizations; or academic institutions. All learners have an MPH or equivalent coursework and many have additional training as physicians, veterinarians, nurses, or allied health professionals. These individuals seek to develop their leadership and management skills in population health as evidenced by a:

  • Demonstrated interest in improving the health of populations as indicated by previous graduate coursework, experiences, and career goals
  • Variety of work experiences in applied public health and data modernization topic areas
  • Record of productivity, teamwork, innovation, and leadership in working to address critical population health and data modernization issues

Learners dedicate approximately 4 hours per week to developing these skills, most of this time is related to applying skills to their normal job responsibilities. Approximately 1–2 hours per week of participant’s time will be dedicated to attending group learner check-ins, participating in CDC’s Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds, developing work plans, providing updates, and developing final work products.

Applicants to PH-TIPP must meet the following criteria:

  • Be willing to commit to a 12-month training program
  • Attend orientation in Atlanta, Georgia

*Physicians seeking certification in the specialty of Public Health and General Preventive Medicine should apply to the Mid-career 12-month Residency track with the CDC Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship; they will follow that application process and timeline.

To apply for PH-TIPP you must:

  • Demonstrate in your personal statement that you have 2 or more years of public or population health experience outside of graduate coursework and training that provided competency in the PMR/F Performance Requirements of Applied Epidemiology, Program Administration, and Grant Proposal Evaluation and Development
  • It is desirable that learners have supervisory experience and applicants should indicate this in their personal statement
  • Have completed an MPH or have equivalent coursework in the “Graduate coursework” core coursework areas for the American Board of Preventive Medicine
    • The MPH or equivalent coursework must come from a program accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)  and must have been completed before the start of the program.
      • Note: Some online MPH degree programs may not be CEPH-accredited. Applicants with an MPH degree not accredited by CEPH are not eligible to apply.
  • Have completed all other training and degree programs prior to the start of the program. Participants may not participate in other training or degree programs while in PH-TIPP
  • Have employer support for the duration of the program that is noted in their Letter of Support
    • Note: Employers or trainees are required to pay for all costs associated with travel to and attendance at a one-week, on-site orientation in Atlanta, GA
  • Physicians seeking certification in the specialty of Public Health and General Preventive Medicine should apply to the Mid-career 12-month Residency track with the CDC Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship

Applications open on January 1st of each year and learners will start in July of that same year. Applicants will need to enter their information through the online portal link by the deadline indicated in the Key Dates tab. Some key components of the application include:

  • Personal Statement
  • Certification of Language Proficiency
  • Host Site Information
  • Description of proposed projects

Personal Statement

Provide a description of 750 words or less that indicates why you are interested in population health as a particular field of study and the benefit of this training for both you and your organization. Since this is a mid-career training program, we require that all applicants demonstrate in their narrative that they have mastered skills in applied epidemiology, biostatistics, surveillance evaluation, project management, and grants management prior to starting the training.

  • If an applicant is supporting their own travel (outside of agency funding) they must indicate in their statement that they are doing so, and their supervisor letter must also note this. PH-TIPP does not provide any travel support or resources for learners.

Certification of Language Proficiency

All learners in PH-TIPP need to be fluent in business-level written and spoken English. Applicants born outside the United States will be asked to present evidence of having passed the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) by providing one of the following:

  • TOEFL scores equal to 100 or higher on the Internet-based TOEFL, 250 on computer-based TOEFL, or 600 on the paper-based TOEFL
  • TOEFL exemption letter for those whose native language is English. Refer to PMR/F TOEFL Requirements [PDF – 2 pages] to determine if you qualify for an exemption

Note: Having attended a graduate program in the U.S. is generally not considered sufficient to warrant an exemption.

Host Site Information

Applicants will be asked to provide a narrative statement outlining the following characteristics of their host site:

  • General agency and team activities and experience in supporting trainees
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Availability of consultants/support staff and their educational and training as well as travel funding availability

Description of Proposed Projects

All applicants will need to provide information related to their proposed projects in their application. Proposed projects will only need to cover the CDC PMR/F Program Evaluation and Policy Development and Analysis project areas, but both will need to have a population health approach.

The following supporting documents are required to be uploaded in the online system or emailed to the program:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Clinical license
  • Certificates of residency and fellowship training

Letter of Recommendation

One letter of recommendation from your direct supervisor is required. The letter must be dated within the last month of submission, signed, and on official letterhead.

The applicant should notify their supervisor that they will receive a system-generated email from the Preventive Medicine Residency & Fellowship with instructions about how to submit the document electronically.

Once the supervisor has received the system generated email, they will be able to upload PDF copies of the recommendation letter.

The supervisor letter should clearly indicate:

  • Supervisor and institutional support of the applicant to participate in the training
  • How the applicant will be supported to attend the 1-week mandatory orientation in Atlanta on the dates noted in the Key Dates tab. It is acceptable to indicate the applicant will be supporting their own travel, but the applicant narrative must indicate their agreement to do so

The reference must:

  • Sign (i.e. a “wet signature”) and scan the letter of recommendation or,
  • Electronically sign the letter using an electronic signature that is verifiable in Adobe
  • Save the letter as a PDF file (only PDF documents will be accepted)

Click on the link provided in the system-generated email to upload the recommendation letter.


Copies of unofficial transcripts are required for all earned degrees beyond undergraduate coursework. The following information is related to transcripts:

To Submit Unofficial Transcripts

The applicant applying to PMR/F must:

  • Request an unofficial copy of all college/university transcripts
  • Within the online application, complete all necessary fields for college/university education, click Update
  • On the main Education page, click the Upload link next to the specific college/university
  • Click Browse button and select appropriate college/university transcript PDF
  • Click Upload to attach unofficial transcript PDF for appropriate college/university
  • Confirm unofficial transcript PDF successfully attached

Note that physician applicants for the PMR/F 12-month Mid-career Residency Track will follow the PMR/F application cycle.

Application and Orientation Timeline

January Application opens January 1
February Application closes the last day of February
Mid-March Positions offered to candidates
Within one week of offer Deadline to accept offer
July Work plan and intake evaluation due
July or August, Dates TBD (over five business days) Mandatory in-person orientation in Atlanta, GA


Email if you have any questions about PH-TIPP or the application process.