Public Health Fellowship Programs

Public Health Fellowship Programs are sponsored collaboratively by academic partner associations and CDC. Fellowship programs are offered for recent graduates of schools or programs of public health or preventive medicine residency programs.

Public Health Fellowships:

  • Hold recruitment and start new fellows twice a year, typically
    • Recruit in late winter to early spring for fellows to start in early July
  • Are typically 2 years, starting with a 12-month term and an option to renew for an additional 12 months
  • Offer various types of experiential learning opportunities, depending on the specific mission of the sponsoring CDC program
  • Are located at CDC’s domestic offices; fellows may also be placed in state, tribal, local, or territorial health departments, or other community-based settings
American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)/CDC Public Health Fellowship
  • Works closely with, and receives mentorship from other subject matter experts
  • Builds leadership skills in public health programs and policy

For eligibility and other information, go to the Public/Population Health Nursing web page.

Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH)/CDC Public Health Fellowship

Provides fellowship opportunities in public health practice

  • Supports specific projects that address current or emerging needs of public health through fellowship assignments
  • Provides leadership, mentorship, and professional training in public health, prevention practice, and policy for fellows

For eligibility and other information, view the Fellowships and Internships [18 Pages] PDF.

Public Health Fellowship Programs Up Close

During the 2018-2019 fellowship year, the APIH Public Health Fellowship programs collaborated with Emory School of Medicine’s Community Learning and Social Medicine (CLSM) course. CLSM is designed to prepare the learners to be better equipped to effectively address social, environmental, and cultural factors at the community level as they relate to determinants of health. It also seeks to build the fellow’s understanding of and appreciation for the populations CDC serves through our programs and initiatives. APIH and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR), in conjunction with Emory School of Medicine coordinated the fellows’ CLSM experience. This partnership provides the community-based learning component of ASPPH & AACN/CDC Public Health Fellowship Programs.

In total 11 fellows completed the CLSM Experience. Fellows and medical students conducted the following projects during the CLSM Experience:

Fellow Participants Example Accomplishments
Connie Lo, 2016 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Claire Castellano, Daquan Daly, Hannah Gold & Robert Scheel

The team developed a five-week course called, “Modern Health: Policy, Medicine, and Science” for older adults at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Emory University (OLLI).
Olivia Egan, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Eli Morris & Elizabeth Soffer

The team created a health care orientation program for adult refugees at World Relief.
Ruth Gallego, 2018 AACN/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Anders Olsen, Christian Andersen, Brendan Gray & Sean Evans

The team addressed health literacy at Positive Growth Inc. by developing multi-lingual handouts with information on various medications for a diverse population of patients with mental illness.
Megan Hils, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Keenan Davis & Thomas Partin

The team developed a seminar to address practitioners on how to effectively work with autistic patients.
Caroline Kokubun, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Dana Robertson

The team contributed to strengthening National Alliance on Mental Illness’ (NAMI’s) housing services by creating a digital resource for NAMI volunteers to utilize to coordinate assistance.
Caitlin Loretan, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Mackenzie Bennett, Ramon Caleon, Apoorva Gangavelli & Toyin Thompson

The team tutored second graders during an after-school program at LaAmistad.
Janice Mark, 2018 AACN/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Sarah Coats, Jason McLean, Ariana Mora & Rob Shvarts

The team created a “Healthy Living and Activities Curriculum” for senior residents at Magnolia Park Apartments focusing on nutrition, physical activity and wellness.
Ify Obumneke Obi, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Patricia Chan, Ana León & Ben Rabin

The team designed sessions addressing life skills for recently detained boys, ages 12-18, at the Dekalb Regional Youth Detention Center.
Keegan Rudmann, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Meredith Kline & Danielle Mustin

The team led sessions at the Clarkston Community Center for refugee children to engage them in learning about healthcare professions and higher education.
Katelyn Sives, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Grace Chung

The team implemented a community garden and health promotional activities at Mercy Park and Chamblee Senior Residences.
Rachel Zahn, 2018 ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow

Medical Students: Emerson Bouldin & Syed Tahmid

The team created monthly health and wellness programs for older, low-income adults at Johnnie B. Moore Towers.