Strengthening the Population & Public Health Workforce Pipeline

CDC’s OE22-2201: Strengthening the Population & Public Health Workforce Pipeline cooperative agreement will provide funding to build diversity, leadership, and management competencies into the public health workforce to yield more innovative and effective approaches, reduce the nation’s health disparities, and advance health equity.


OE22-2201 provides funding for innovative and established best practices in the education and training of graduate, postgraduate, and applied public health learners. Many of these learners represent communities facing the greatest inequities in the cross-cutting areas of leadership development, data science training, and public health practice. Three strategies rooted in the Theory Of Change can systematically advance health equity by striving to: (1) strengthen design and execution of data science and leadership training programs; (2) assess, design, and test a recruitment approach for developing a professional workforce that reflects the demographics of the populations served and the communities facing health inequities, to prepare them to advance health equity in public health practice; and (3) provide high-quality, tailored, and applied learning experiences to diverse and representative individuals in governmental public health organizations. Organizations are expected to implement diversity and inclusion best-practice principles at the national, state, and local levels.

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Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Information

This NOFO is currently published, and the closing date for applications is May 10, 2022. Learn more about the application process at OE22-2201: Strengthening the Population & Public Health Workforce Pipeline.