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Pie chart with sections labeled, “Socioeconomic Factors, Physical Environment, Health Behaviors, and Clinical Care

Below find CDC Community Health Improvement Navigator (CHI Navigator) resources you can use to engage stakeholders within and outside your organization.

An Experienced Coalition Broadens Its CHI Work

The Kanawha Coalition for Community Health Improvement has been working to improve the health of the people of Kanawha County in West Virginia for over twenty years. It has used the CHI Navigator “Invest in Your Community” Infographic to expand its focus and partners. The Coalition’s Steering Committee is comprised of the CEOs and leaders from local hospital systems, a behavioral health facility, a federally-qualified health center, the county school system, the county health department, a business alliance, the state wellness council, the United Way, and the West Virginia Public Health Bureau. At their strategic planning retreat in October 2015, the Coalition used the CHI Navigator Infographic as a foundation for discussion around opportunities to broaden their triennial community health needs assessment to “strategically include priorities to align with each domain [in the infographic], including those upstream social determinants of health (SDOH).” After reviewing the Infographic, the Coalition also took into consideration key stakeholders who could bring unique perspectives to those SDOH areas. It was at this meeting that the Coalition decided to invite a representative of a minority faith-based organization to join its leadership team. As the Kanawha Coalition’s Executive Director noted, the CHI Navigator’s Infographic “has helped us enhance our existing assessment model and has moved us closer to addressing the root causes to some of our county’s health problems.”

Learn more about the Kanawha Coalition for Community Health Improvement here, or contact their Executive Director, Judy Crabtree: or (304) 388-7557

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