Tools For Arthritis Partners

CDC’s works with many partners to increase education, awareness, and research about arthritis and improve arthritis and quality of life. Partners can find tools and information for state and national arthritis programs in this section.

Recognized and Promising Programs

CDC recognizes several evidence-based physical activity and self-management education programs that are proven to improve the quality of life for adults with arthritis. Some of these community-based programs are also available in Spanish.

Learn about the programs that CDC recognizes or considers promising.

Campaigns and Communications

CDC has developed communication materials and evidence-based public awareness campaigns to promote physical activity and self-management education as useful ways to manage arthritis.

Marketing and Support for Arthritis Programs

CDC has developed a variety of tools to support the dissemination and implementation of proven interventions.

Marketing Tools

Background Information


Doctor helping adult male patient with arthritic knee.

Public Health Professionals and Health Care Provider Outreach

Public health professionals and health care providers play an important role in arthritis management.

Policy Information and Reports

CDC and partners have developed information to describe or guide public health activities addressing arthritis.

Arthritis partners perhaps discussing programs.
Data and Statistics

CDC routinely monitors and reports on arthritis data trends and topics.