2004 Public Health Action Plan Update: Translating the Plan Into Action


Translating the Plan Into Action

This document is available for download [PDF–570K]


Translating the Plan into action involved—

  • 75 proposed action steps were derived from the complete Action Plan
  • 22 priority action steps were identified by the Working Group and presented to the National Forum for discussion in April 2004
  • 8 concrete tasks were selected as the principal focus of National Forum activities through April 2005

The identified concrete tasks, as well as certain of the additional priority action steps, are now being undertaken through the efforts of the National Forum and other partners.

Figure 1: The 7 thematic areas of the Action Plan

Figure 1 represents the 7 interrelated, thematic areas in the Action Plan. There are the five essential components: Taking Action, Strengthening Capacity, Evaluating Impact, Advancing Knowledge, and Engaging in Regional and Global Partnerships. And there are two overarching goals of Effective Communication and Strategic Leadership, Partnerships and Organization that relate to each of the five essential components. Please see text for discussion of each element.